How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus

Coronavirus Please be careful not to get infected.

Two faces looking at each other Avoid direct contact with other humans.

Keep distance Keep distance from others (a few meters).

Do not shake hands Don't shake hands with others.

Do not shake hands Just bow like the Japanese do for greetings.

Wash hands with soup If you have been away from home, wash your hands (all fingers and thumbs) carefully with soap and warm water.

Kid touching mouth, nose and eyes Do not touch your mouth, nose or eyes if you have not washed your hands carefully.

Woman wearing a face mask Wear a face mask correctly by tightly closing it around your mouth and nose.

Gloves Wear gloves when touching things in the outside world.

Hazard Suites If you have available to your disposal and you need to confront infected individuals, wear an entire hazard suit.

Be save!