Denigma - the Digital Denigma is a Digital Deciphering Machine.

Denigma includes a knowledge base, search engine, user interface and marketplace.

Denigma Divinity Logo Digital Enigma - Digital Deciphering Machine

2 million articles written in text/images/graphs are published each year, and 90% of them never cited and 50% of them Never read.

Our intelligence model utilize AI platform, Denigma, into which it feeds preclinical data and clinical data from sources such as peer-reviewed research papers, as well as Wikipedia data.

Denigma queries like an intelligent search engine, the information is in Denigma engine in the cloud. The intelligence comes from the inferred relationships, ontology, natural language processing in the Denigma engine. Denigma, update information every minutes, that do not miss any newly published data and drug information, such as genes, diseased, proteins, species.

Our scientists use the unique solution, Denigma, lead our scientists up to date information, thus provide the best knowledge to our clients, i.e. drug-discovery industry leaders.

Denigma is up and live, can help expand the drug discovery industry, i.e. biotechs and pharmaceuticals. Denigma can update and reason over databases, including genes, epigenetics, metabolomics, drug information by extracting text from scientific papers, and relationships between entities.

Denigma identify unknown genes to treat diseases by grouping the functional genes and proposing a drug target, faster. Therefore, Denigma makes predictions in novel areas of drug discovery sector, helps to design and test the target molecules to drive greater outcomes. Denigma reasons facts from the biomedical entities, such as drugs, proteins, genes, with little information. For a demo, please contact us.