Nuclear Fusion Prototype Generates Stable Plasma

Nuclear fusion reactors could be suitable for mass production by the year 2030. The technology has the gigantic potential to solve all energy problems.

Nuclear fusion is process which among others occurs in the stars. In the process intangible amounts of energy are released. If a way could be found to utilize this process it would be the key to solve all energy problems of the world. A company in the USA claims to have made a breakthrough in the research which might make it possible.

Nuclear Fusion: Gigantic Amount of Energy

The US company TAE Technologies has achieved a milestones in the research of nuclear fusion according to own information. If it is true the almost inexhaustible energy source could soon be accessible for mankind and problems like energy crisis could be solved.

Already a rough roadmap exists. According to the company at least by the end of this decade, i.e. 2030, commercial usable nuclear fusion reactors will exist.

First Prototype Generate Stable Plasma

a prototype of a nuclear fusion reactor of gigantic scale is already built. The device with the name "Norman" is 24 meters long and has a diameter of 7 meters. Within its interior it was for the first time possible to derive stable plasma from hydrogen and bor with temperate over 50 million grad Celsius.

If the reactor works as intended, it would be a gigantic breakthrough in the research of nuclear fusion energy. With nuclear fusion it would be possible generate safe, sustainable and clean electricity for the planet. Such a possibility of energy generation has the potential to solve our problem of energy crisis at one go.

New Reactor Should Be Even Better

Therefore, there is a high pressure and expectation on the project. It was financed with 880 million US-dollars from different investor among others Google. The next step should the construction of a new reactor with the code name "Copernicus" in which plasma with temperature above 100 million grad Celsius can be generated.