Deformed Fermi Surface Theory of Magneto-Acoustic Anomaly in Modulated Quantum Hall Systems Near $/nu=1/2$

We introduce a new generic model of a deformed Composite Fermion-Fermi Surface (CF-FS) for the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect near $/nu=1/2$ in the presence of a periodic density modulation. Our model permits us to explain recent Surface Acoustic Wave observations of anisotropic anomalies [1,2] in sound velocity and attenuation- appearance of peaks and anisotropy - which originate from contributions to the conductivity tensor due to regions of the CF-FS which are flattened by the applied modulation. The calculated magnetic field and wave vector dependence of the CF conductivity,velocity shift and attenuation agree with experiments.

tags: ['cond-mat.mes-hall']
was updated on: 1998-09-23T18:55:06Z
authors: ['Nataliya A. Zimbovskaya', 'Joseph L. Birman']
comment: Revised manuscript (cond-mat/9807044) 23 September 1998; 10 pages
doi: 10.1142/S0217979299000722
primary category: cond-mat.mes-hall
origin: ArXiv
arxiv: cond-mat/9809320
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was published on: 1998-09-23T18:55:06Z
author: Joseph L. Birman