Disturbances of perception and consciousness in schizophrenic states.

date completed: 1998-11-01
mesh date: 1961-01-01
date published: 1961
keywords owner: ['NLM']
source: Br J Med Psychol. 1961;34:33-41.
nlm unique id: 0370640
publication type: ['Journal Article']
pmid: 13720074
pages: 33-41
journal: The British journal of medical psychology
status: MEDLINE
entrez date: 1961-01-01
mesh terms: ['*Consciousness', 'Humans', '*Perception', 'Schizophrenia/*psychology', '*Schizophrenic Psychology']
language: ['eng']
volume: 34
date created: 1961-12-01
publication status: ppublish
authors: ['DAVIE, J', 'FREEMAN, T']
journal title abbreviation: Br J Med Psychol
origin: PubMed
owner: NLM
subset: OM
keywords: ['*CONSCIOUSNESS', '*PERCEPTION', '*SCHIZOPHRENIA/psychology']

Reference: .. [DAVIE+FREEMAN:1961] DAVIE, J & FREEMAN, T (1961). '**Disturbances of perception and consciousness in schizophrenic states.**' *The British journal of medical psychology*. 34, pp. 33-41.