Are schizophrenic symptoms different in patients with higher education?

Ratings of 87 symptoms on a Canadian sample of 108 DSM-III schizophrenics (41 men, 67 women) were unrelated (point biserial coefficients) to their education. The only exceptions to this trend were weak correlations with ratings of apathy, insight, and of premorbid adjustment. Patients with higher education were less frequently labelled as apathetic (r = .28) or as lacking insight (r = .26) and their premorbid adjustment was better (r = .25). None of the symptoms traditionally considered as markers specific for schizophrenia was significantly related to education.

date completed: 1995-04-13
issue: 3 Pt 2
article identifier: ['10.2466/pr0.1994.75.3f.1552 [doi]']
volume: 75
status: MEDLINE
source: Psychol Rep. 1994 Dec;75(3 Pt 2):1552-4.
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affiliation: Department of Psychiatry, University of Western Ontario, Canada.
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date published: 1994 Dec
authors: ['Cernovsky, Z Z', 'Landmark, J', 'Helmes, E']
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journal: Psychological reports

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